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Prices & Policies

Group Lessons

  • Classes meet once a week for 30 minute class.

  • Tuition is $85 per month per student

    • The class tuition will be pro-rated upon registration depending how many classes have passed in the  month​

All Level Parent/Tot (4mo-3yr)

Intro to Bubbles (3yr-5yr)

  • *Required level for new swimmers in this age group*

Bubbles Beginner (3yr-5yr)

  • *Instructor recommended only. For students who have completed our Parent/Tot program*

Bubbles Advanced (3yr-6yr)

  • *Instructor recommendation only*

Intro to Butterfly (6yr-8yr)

  • *Required level for new swimmers in this age group*

Butterfly Beginner (6yr-8yr)

  • *Instructor recommendation only*

Butterfly Advanced (6yr-8yr)

  • *Instructor recommendation only*

Monarch Beginner (9yr-12yr)

  • *Starting level for swimmers in this age group*

Monarch Advanced (9yr-12yr)​

  • *Instructor recommendation only*

Adult & Teen (13yr and older)​

Whether you are an advanced swimmer who wants to improve your stroke technique or a beginner - we can help you meet your swimming goals!

Stroke Club
*Instructor Recommended class*
  • Ages 9yr - 16yr
  • 45 minute lesson
  • Offered:
    • Monday or Thursday 6:40pm-7:25pm
In our program we have a $25 annual registration fee due upon registration.


6 years old

Thumbs-up for swim class!


3 years old

Swimming & playing!


7 years old

Butterfly in the pool!

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