Prices & Policies

Group Lessons

  • Classes meet once a week for 30 minute class.

  • Tuition is $74 per month per student

    • The class tuition will be pro-rated upon registration depending how many classes have passed in the month​

  • All class ratios will be 1:4

All Level Parent/Tot (4mo-3yr)

  • Class ratio 1:8

Intro to Bubbles (3yr-5yr)

  • *Required level for new swimmers in this age group*

Bubbles Beginner (2.5yr-5yr)

  • *Instructor recommended only. For students who have completed our Parent/Tot program*

Bubbles Advanced (3yr-5yr)

  • *Instructor recommendation only*

Intro to Butterfly (6yr-8yr)

  • *Required level for new swimmers in this age group*

  • NEW LEVEL starting Fall 2021

Butterfly Beginner (6yr-8yr)

  • *Instructor recommendation only*

Butterfly Advanced (6yr-8yr)

  • *Instructor recommendation only*

Monarch Beginner (9yr-12yr)

  • *Starting level for swimmers in this age group*

Monarch Advanced (9yr-12yr)​

  • *Instructor recommendation only*

Adult & Teen (13yr and older)​

Whether you are an advanced swimmer who wants to improve your stroke technique or a beginner - we can help you meet your swimming goals!

  • Cost: 

    • $74 per student per month

  • 30 minute weekly classes

    • 4:1 ratio

  • 20 minute weekly classes

    • 2:1 ratio

Private Instruction

(Available for : Bubbles Beginner - Monarch Advanced)

This class is appropriate for a student to further work on specific skills in the water or participate in a one-on-one instruction class. Students of any age, level and ability can register for this class.

  • Class ratio 2:1

  • 20 minute lesson​
  • $180 per month per student
  • This class has limited availability & can be changed into a siblings class only if you request so in the comments upon registration or waitlisting for this class


This Instructional class accommodates families of students who are homeschooled. There are 30 minutes of instruction and 10 minutes of supervised play time for the students. Families of students that are not homeschooled are welcome to register for this program as well!
  • Class ratio 4:1
  • 40 minute lesson​
  • $114 a month

Stroke Club
*Instructor Recommended class*
  • Ages 9yr - 16yr
  • 45 minute lesson
  •  $109 per student per month
  • Offered:
    • Monday or Thursday 6:40pm-7:25pm
Family Swim
  • Days & Times:
    • September 17th, October 15th, November 19th, January 21st, February 18th, March 18th, May 20th​
    • From 6:15-7:00p
  • Registration REQUIRED
  • This program is available for children 4-months through adults
  • Adult accompanies family in the pool
  • $20 per family
In our program we have a $25 annual registration fee due upon registration.


6 years old

Thumbs-up for swim class!


4 years old

Independent swimmer


4 years old

Independent swimmer



We love to swim at the castle with mom