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Bubbles Advanced 4yr-6yr

*Instructor recommendation only*

This class is for independent swimmers who can float on their back unassisted or are able to get a breath and continue swimming independently. Skills include rolling from front to back for a breath, jumping in and returning to the side of the pool unassisted, front crawl stroke arms, kicking on back, recovering objects from the bottom and diving skills.

  • Class ratio 1:5

  • 30 minute lesson​
  • $82 per student per month

Wait Listing For a Class

  • Wait List for the best day and timeframe that will work for your schedule.

  • We are offering a wait list for classes offered in the:

    • AM is 9am-12pm time frame

    • PM is a 3:30pm - 7:00pm time frame

  • Upon wait listing, please include your preferred class start time in the notes.  

  • There is No Fee to be on a wait list

  • If you are unable to waitlist for a class, that means that the waitlist is currently full for that day and time frame.

  • When a spot becomes available, Swim School will contact you by e-mail with the class time that is open. You will have 48 hours to accept or decline the class. 

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