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Frequently asked questions

Q: How much does this swim school cost?

A: Our tuition is $80 per month per child.  Our tuition is posted on the 1st of the month and all payments are due on the 8th of the month.  If you register mid-month, the class fee will be pro-rated.  We have an annual $25 Registration Fee (per family) due at the time of registration and annually on that month while you are enrolled in program.

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Q: Do you offer any discounts?

A: Yes, we do offer a variety of different discounts in our program. We offer a 15% Discount per child per class for 3 children and 20% Discount per child per class for 4 or more children for students in the same family. We also offer a 10% Military Discount, and a 10% additional class discount per student per class for individual students who take more than one class. 

To have one of these discount applied to your account, you must contact the Swim School office at (860)822-6879 or

Q: What are your class ratios?

A: For All Level Parent & Tot (4mo-3yr) our ratios are 8:1.

For all group lessons our ratios are 4:1

For Private lessons our ratios are 1:1

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Q: What if my child cries during class?

A: Our staff is well trained and compassionate to the sad or crying child. We will work with them, and you, to ensure that swim class can be a positive and enjoyable learning experience for you and your swimmer! Some methods we use are to ensure them you are not leaving, and may stay close by, to take shortened or modified swim turns, try to find out the reason for tears, and take a step back from class and have fun in the water so swim skills and progress can be made next time!

Q: What if we can't make it to swim class?

A: After the second missed class then we can schedule a make-up. If you know you will be absent once or twice during the swimester and can let the desk know - that would be helpful for the make-up scheduling process.

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Q: What options do you have for children with special needs?

A: Many of our staff members are teachers as well and have experience working with children who have special needs. We can adjust any class to run at an appropriate learning pace for all students. If you child does have special needs, please contact the office to ensure that we can find the appropriate day, time, class, and instructor for your swimmer.

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