Bubbles to Butterfly Staff

1. Favorite season: Fall
2. Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving
3. Education: UConn – Bachelors and Masters in Special Education, University of St. Joseph – Masters in Special Education, Autism
4. Favorite song: World by Five for Fighting
5. Hobbies: running, hiking
6. Favorite animal: Llamas
7. Favorite place to travel: Mountains
8. Dream destination for a vacation: Alaska
9. Where are you from: Baltic
10. Favorite subject in school: Math
1. Nickname: Beanie
2. Favorite color: green
3. Favorite food: Chicken cordon bleu
4. Coffee shop choice: Starbucks (but I don't drink coffee) Chi Tea
5. Favorite movie: Dumbo
6. Biggest fear: Snakes
7. Favorite superhero: captain America
8. Who makes you laugh the most: things my co-workers
9. Dream job: living it
10. Favorite game: Ticket to ride
1. Education- Bachelors of Science in Business Administration 
2. Favorite Color: purple
3. Favorite Sports Team - UNC Basketball
4. Favorite Season: Summer
5. Fav Animal: Horses
6. Pets: Rescue Dog, Lucy
7. Biggest Fear: Heights 
8. Who is your life hero: My son Kyle who has Severe Hemophilia
9. Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing
10. Fav Quote: "Running is about more than just putting one foot in front of the other. It is about who we are" - Joan Benoit
1. Nickname: Fitz
2. Favorite superhero: Superman
3. Education: Masters in Education
4. Favorite dinosaur: T-rex
5. Favorite type exercise: Picking things up and putting them down
6. Favorite food: sushi
7. Favorite animal: zebra
8. Favorite sports team: Pats
9. Who makes you laugh the most: my daughter Reagan
10. One thing you couldn’t live without: my family
1. Favorite quote: “You never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory” - Dr. Seuss
2. Favorite color: Lilac
3. Favorite song: Golden Hour by Kacey Musgraves
4. Coffee shop choice: Dunkin Donuts
5. Favorite movie: Legally Blonde
6. Favorite TV show: New Girl
7. If you could time travel, what year would you go to and what would you do: 1776 to witness the signing of the Constitution
8. Favorite holiday: Christmas
9. Favorite type exercise: Dance
10. Siblings: 4 sisters
1. Education: Certified Pastry Chef – Lincoln Culinary Institute
2. Favorite color: teal
3. Favorite food: waffles
4. Coffee shop choice: Dunkin Donuts or Dixie Donuts
5. Favorite sports team: Yankees / Patriots
6. Favorite movie: Pitch Perfect
7. Siblings: 1 sister Mandy
8. One thing you couldn’t live without: Coffee!
9. Favorite season: Summer
10. Dream destination for a vacation: Australia
1. Favorite food: Macaroni and Cheese
2. Favorite sports team: Green Bay Packers
3. Biggest fear: (Nice try, Selene!)
4. Nickname: The Nighthawk
5. Favorite sport (to play): Ultimate Frisbee
6. Favorite movie: Star Wars
7. Hobbies: Reading, Running, Playing Video Games
8. Favorite author: Lee Child
9. Favorite superhero: Captain America
10. Dream job: This one!
1. Favorite color: green / yellow
2. Favorite food: Chinese food
3. Favorite sport (to play): SWIM!
4. Favorite holiday: Fourth of July
5. Favorite animal: dogs or blackbears
6. Favorite place to travel: to the beach
7. Dream destination for a vacation: somewhere tropical
8. Pets: two dogs, Cherub and Maisie
9. Do you speak other languages: French
10. Favorite rainy day activity: crafting
1. Nickname: ally cat (allie)
2. Favorite color: orange
3. Favorite food: sushi
4. Favorite sports team: New York giants
5. Favorite movie: Star Wars
6. Favorite place to travel: England
7. Where are you from: New York
8. About your family: military family both me and husband are veterans. My husband has 26 years I have 3 in army
9. Favorite superhero: Wonder Women
10. Favorite game: dominoes I am the national champion for 2002
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